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At Coomealla High School we encourage students to think about their career as the sequence and variety of paid and un-paid jobs throughout their life.

Our students today are likely to have five or six career changes and maybe up to 15 changes in employment in their life. Changes may include moving from part-time to full-time work, balancing work and study and changing employers. 


Our Approach


The Careers Advisor oversees education and advice focusing on the principles and processes involved in having successful careers.

Ms Gillian Wakefield helps oversee the process of Career Education and advice.

We run a Year 8-10 Work Education course plus an opportunity for a work experience in week blocks or one day per week for term.

Year 11 and Year 12 students will participate in a Careers program that allows them to develop their unique pathway when they complete HSC. Their pathway will include actions they may undertake to assist them to achieve their career goals. Students will finalise their Career Action Plans after exploring education and personal skill requirements for each of their selected careers. This program is designed to extend the knowledge and skills gained through the Work Education program and provide practice in preparation for full time employment.

Parents are welcome to contact the Careers Advisor directly via email at for assistance.​